A New Level
of Listening

Engage interested people at precisely
the right time. Automatically.

We designed InsightBASEⓇ to speak to the “wish list” of every busy B2B marketer and sales person: better leads, shorter sales cycles, higher conversion rates.


Uncover new, high-quality prospects — and learn more about the ones you already have – by tracking their behavior and setting alerts so you know the moment their activity spikes around your keywords.


Harness the power of data to connect with the right targets, at the right time, with the right message.


“I’m able to see how our accounts are behaving and if there is a fit for our solutions. This helps us prioritize our prospecting efforts with our sales team and point them to the right prospects, at the right time.”

Courtney Peters, SAS


Find the Right Targets

Using our proprietary Relevance Engine, InsightBASE sorts though billions of online activity records to identify the companies you want in your sales funnel. Just set your targeted topics — up to 5,000 of them — and let InsightBASE deliver the companies whose online activity indicates an interest in those areas.


“We are finding the right people at the right companies who are interested in our solutions”

Christine Simonini, Director: Enterprise & Vertical Demand Generation, DocuSign


Listen for Intentions
to Buy

Once you have your target list, InsightBASE can monitor those users’ activity to identify sudden spikes in activity that could signal an intention to buy. Use these insights to ramp up your engagement and capitalize on your targets’ heightened interest in solving their problems.


“True Influence helped us achieve a strong balance of quality leads with enough volume to feed our hungry sales force. Their targeted promotions of our existing content produced the most successful program in years.”

MarCom Manager, CA Technologies


Power Up Your

InsightBASE offers you an unprecedented glimpse into the minds of your prospects, and those insights can feed into Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and other marketing platforms to automate your target engagement process.

For example, when targeted users begin exploring your products or services, you can automate the delivery of an email designed to engage them in conversation. And when an InsightBASE Spike Alert notifies you when a target account is actively looking for what you sell, your sales team can respond with immediate and personalized outreach.


“We love that the data from InsightBASE can be tied into our Marketo instance to ensure that our key prospects are automatically entering the email nurture track that’s most relevant to what they’re already researching. It’s a great way to ensure that Imprivata’s key content is reaching the people that are most interested in receiving it.”

Michelle Liro, Imprivata

InsightBASE: The Secret to Powerful
Account-Based Marketing


Better data quality for better-quality leads


Easier sorting and prioritization of leads


Shortened sales cycles


Higher conversion rates


“InsightBASE jump-started our vertical marketing efforts – helping us to identify net-new accounts we should add to our accounts table. It took a data discovery and validation process that we expected to take months and turned it into something we could run on our own in minutes.”

Sarah Reynolds, Salary.com

2 Ways to Put InsightBASE to Work for You



Get deep data that feeds all your initiatives with the InsightBASE platform. Build campaigns, analyze their potential, and generate sales alerts when targets show interest. Our Success Team will work with you to turn you into a data-driven machine.

Integrates with Eloqua, Marketo or open-API’s for easy set-up. You’ll have full access to our database of 30 million business contacts.


Professional Services

We know you’re busy. Let us serve up highly qualified, sales-ready leads and analytics to your sales team. For each lead, you’ll receive complete TripleCheck® business contact information, including names, positions, emails, telephone numbers and much more.

  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Only B2B email addresses